Thursday, September 13, 2012

Labor Day Sale Pattern Spree!!

Ok, seriously, the other day I was the most dutiful little blogger and I took pictures for not one, not two, but 5(!) blog posts!  I loaded them on my computer and they seriously looked worse than bad cell phone pictures!  I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a photographer.  There is no way that I am putting those pictures up here with my name attached to them.  So, today I went to take pictures with a point and shoot that we have, but the batteries were dead :(  They are currently being charged and hopefully in the next couple days I will have some awesome posts coming up here!  One of which announces the arrival of the great Pattern Pyramid to my humble blog!  More on that later ;)

Anyways, so tonight I was feeling sad that I couldn't post anything, but then I realized that one of the posts don't actually require me to take pictures.  So, around Labor Day, I started looking for coupons for local fabric stores.  I found a 15% off your entire purchase for Stone Mountain and Daughters; which, for all you non-bay area people, carry Colette Patterns and Sewaholic Patterns!  Since I am doing the sew colette sewalong, I figured it would be best to get the patterns that I am 100% positive that I am going to make!  Plus I grabbed a Sewaholic pattern that I have been lusting for!

The Sewaholic Cambie!  Sure, Fall is coming up, but I could still wear this with tights and boots!  I am pretty excited about this!  So, with the 15% off I got this for about $15, which is great, because I was planning on ordering it anyways.

When I found Colette Patterns (a couple years ago!) I fell desperately in love with Crepe!  It's just so ladylike and pretty.  I just love it!  I actually just finished my second muslin of this dress and I am actually done muslining!  It's very exciting.  I need to make this up quick because.....wait for it.....I am going to meet Sarai!  Yay!  I don't know if you heard, but she is doing a West Coast Tour and she will be in Oakland on the 22nd!  I have already RSVP'd to the store (one of my favorite fabric stores in the area).  So, I plan on wearing my Crepe to the party!

Then of course there is the Peony!  This was an obvious choice, because judging from how the voting went, this was going to be next month's sewalong.  So, I grabbed it!  I love this pattern, it was my favorite pattern last fall/winter when they released it.

I really love Ginger and I kind of had to get it because I already have fabric waiting for it!  It's a really great, basic skirt pattern and I am excited to whip this up for the fall/winter.

Ahhhh, the Beignet.  If Crepe is my favorite, the Beignet would be a very close second!  This is actually the only pattern that I don't have any fabric for...but that will change soon, I am sure ;)

To be 100% honest, I wasn't too sure about Chantilly when I first saw it.  However, after making Nicole (man, I love naming my dresses like kind of gives them their own personality), I fell in love with full swishy skirts and gathering at the bust.  It also has the same type of yoke as Zooey, so this has to be flattering.  However, I plan on making this in some chiffon I got in L.A., so I anticipate lots of curse words will be harmed in the making of this dress :P

Lady Grey!  I drooled over all of the Lady Grey goodness during Gertie's Lady Grey Sewalong and I wanted one of my own!  So, I finally got the pattern!  I just ordered fabric for it too!  Sew excited <<see what I did there??>>

Anyways, that was all that I got.  I actually got a good deal on everything, so I am pretty happy.  I am so very, very, very lucky to have such an understanding husband!  Well, he may not be so understanding now.  He finally helped me fold all of my L.A. fabric tonight and he told me that I wasn't allowed to buy anymore fabric (with the exception of fabric for my Peony and muslin fabric).  Oopsies :D  I think he is right, though because we have planned another trip to L.A. for my birthday!  I am not going to say that is exclusively planned for me to go back to the Loft....but I am also not saying that it's not ;)

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  1. I have slowly been acquiring the Colette patterns too. I have the crepe and the macaron and I have a half-finished Beignet on my sewing table...