Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am NOT dead in a ditch somewhere!!!  I have been sick 3-4 times since my last post, my allergies have been crazy bad this year, and I have an ovarian cyst (TMI?) that is completely benign, but is currently pumping tons of estrogen into my system and making me so fatigued that I feel like napping all day. Not much sewing was going on.  However, I am working on a big project for my munchkin's birthday party on the 12th!!  So, I am buckling down and I am going to get a ton of sewing done for it. I will take pictures and post.

Ooh, I also hear about google reader being shut down. What do you guys use to read your blogs??  I have an obnoxious amount of blogs in my reader and I need to start transferring them to another reader kind of thing.

Happy sewing!!!