Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am NOT dead in a ditch somewhere!!!  I have been sick 3-4 times since my last post, my allergies have been crazy bad this year, and I have an ovarian cyst (TMI?) that is completely benign, but is currently pumping tons of estrogen into my system and making me so fatigued that I feel like napping all day. Not much sewing was going on.  However, I am working on a big project for my munchkin's birthday party on the 12th!!  So, I am buckling down and I am going to get a ton of sewing done for it. I will take pictures and post.

Ooh, I also hear about google reader being shut down. What do you guys use to read your blogs??  I have an obnoxious amount of blogs in my reader and I need to start transferring them to another reader kind of thing.

Happy sewing!!!


  1. So so glad to hear your cyst is benign, and I'm sorry to hear about the levels of fatigue. Don't wear yourself out sewing if you can help it!

    I'm on bloglovin, and it's working pretty well since I also follow an obnoxious amount of blogs. It sends out a daily feed email of any new blog posts from that day. Hope that helps!

  2. I'm glad to hear you are back...I was wondering about you. I've had ovarian cysts over and over again. Yoga helps if they are causing you a lot of pain. Otherwise, the birth control pill works. Good luck.

    Also, blogloving is great. I signed up for it when I first heard that google reader is going. I don't know if that means blogger is leaving its reader too.

    ANd the good thing about bloglovin is that you will find even more blogs to add to your already long list of blogs to read!

    Great to hear you're back!