Friday, October 26, 2012


Just wanted to let you guys know that, yes I am alive.  I haven't been sewing much because I lost my mojo a little.  My husband's grandmother passed away at the beginning of this month and we have all been a little sad here.  It wasn't unexpected, but it's sad none the less. 

Anyways, I picked myself up the other day and I made a muslin for the Peony and I was surprised that I got the bodice to fit so quickly.  The back bodice only took one muslin fitting to get it right; the front bodice only took two muslin fittings.  I am glad I did that second fitting though because one of the changes I made did something weird and I had to make a two inch (!!) FBA on my bodice!  It was the first time I ever made a FBA, so that was an interesting learning experience.  I have a normal sized bust, so I never have to make a FBA.

My final Peony is so close to being finished.  I really like how it's turning out and I can't wait to show you guys!  As long as nothing going horribly awry, expect to see pictures this weekend.  Next up, the halloween costume for the little one.  She chose a very sophisticated costume this year, so I think everyone will be surprised...

Anyways, the demon-living-in-the-other-room-of-our-two-bedroom-apartment and I are going for a bike ride.  I hear demons like parks this time of year.

**sorry for a picture-less post!**

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway

Ok, I was planning on doing a video for this and letting my daughter pick the number.  However, it is very difficult to get a time of day to film when a) an area of the house is clean (what?) b) my daughter isn't throwing a fit and/or being difficult.  So, I am too excited to wait any longer and I did a random number generator!  It kicked out the number 15 which is Trisha from Made by Trisha!

This is exciting stuff!  Once I get your address, Trisha, I will send the patterns out to you!

On a side note, I might still be doing the video with my daughter, obviously not with this giveaway, because she is currently sewing (yes, sewing) a couple dresses for her American Girl doll.  I think it would be fun to see a video pattern review with her.  Anyways, happy sewing!  I am currently swimming in piles of muslin!