Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring 2012 Simplicity patterns!

I have two finished projects awaiting to be posted here.  I just need to get pictures of me wearing them.  So, that is my goal for this long weekend (that and sewing and reading some, of course).  So, I was going to save all of my posting for this weekend (I went to Joann's today and picked up some Simplicity patterns while they were on sale!).  BUT!  While I was procrastinating going to the gym, I discovered that Simplicity just released their Spring collection!  Out of all of the big sewing companies, I like Simplicity the best.  So, I thought it would be fun to post what I found interesting!

Simplicity 1872
I think this is the pattern everyone is going to want this year!  Cynthia Rowley always puts out great designs and I really love this one.  I have one concern, though.  Let me give you a back story.  When I was in high school, I was an extreme hour glass; fast forward 8 years and one baby later, I am now an apple.  So, I am a little worried that this dress will make me look a little pregnant.  BUT!  This is a wrap dress and a pull over dress (!), so this can't not make the list (hooray for double negatives).

Simplicity 1873

This one I thought was really cute.  If you can find a really nice quality print then I think this dress will sing.  I love simple designs because they give you the chance to show off some great fabric.  I love view B and C and those only take 2 to 2.5 yards of fabric.  So, I am thinking that this will definitely make it on my list.

Simplicity 1880
I love this shirt dress pattern because of the nice full skirt.  With my body shape, I love how I look with nice full skirts.  Also, you should know something, I LOVE Kate Middleton.  I love her style.  I should do a blog post on my style.  Anyways, I just love Kate Middleton, and as soon as Simplicity patterns went on sale this fall, I ran out and bought 2145!  I just need to find the perfect navy blue fabric for that dress.  Kate Middleton wore a yellow dress similar to the yellow dress on the pattern envelope (surprise, surprise).  So, yeah, I am most definitely getting this pattern.

Simplicity 1881

Now, I already have a pattern that looks a little like this.  It is Simplicity 3503 (I cannot find a picture of it right now), but I really like the neckline of view B and I love the sleeves that attach to it.  I am not 100% sure that I am going to buy this pattern because it looks so similar to 3503.  BUT!  I have made 3503 three separate times and I wear those dresses all the time.  I actually wore a version of it today when I went to the park with my little one.

Simplicity 1886

Now, when I first started sewing, I would have looked this pattern right over and not given it the time of day.  But, after sewing two Colette Sorbettos, with more on the way, I realized that boxy tops actually look good on me.  Also, this shirt can provide a lot of embellishment opportunities.  I can tell right now, though, that I am going to have to lengthen the shirt.  I can do an ENTIRE post on my body and it's little quirks, but I will save that for another day.

Simplicity 1882
This one I am not sure about, however I do like view B.  I really don't know if I will buy this, but if I happen to find the right fabric for it, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

I think my daughter would LOVE one of these dolls.  I would just need to find some high quality felt.  I have yet to run this by Kayleigh, but we will see what she says.

This is another one for Kayleigh I love pretty much every dress.  I will have to run this one by Kayleigh as well.  She is a little fashionista and is VERY particular about the clothes she wears.  She also hounds me about making dresses for her.  I don't make her clothes that often, because she wont wear them.  It's not that she doesn't like them; it's that she likes them TOO much and she doesn't want to get them dirty!  

And, here is a parting shot.  This one made me laugh!  It's not that I wouldn't make it, if I were pregnant or had a baby, I would make this in a heartbeat!  It's just too cute!

Ok, no more stalling, I need to go to the gym...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

27 Before 27

So, I turned 26 this year.  My birthday is in January and I was going through some medical stuff at the time, so I pretty much just sat there for a couple weeks and only moved when absolutely necessary.  So, instead of doing my usual New Year's Resolutions that I make, I decided to make 27!  I don't know where I heard of this concept, but it may have been from A Beautiful Mess.

Apparently, people make resolutions and then don't meet them.  I found that out in the past month or so.  I always met at least one of my resolutions.  I think the reason why my resolutions tend to stick is because my birthday is January 7th, and people tend to take stock of their lives when it's around their birthday.  That may have something to do with it.

27 Before 27

1. go on 12 dates with Devin (my sweetie) (2 down!)
2. go to the Oakland zoo with Kayleigh
3. Read 20 books and at least one classic literature (3 down!)
4. Lose 20 pounds (I also have a weight watchers blog if you want to find me on there!)
5. Attend one group exercise class at the gym
6. Buy a bike
7. Enact the Martha Stewart cleaning regime
8. Participate in a Sew Weekly Challenge 
9. Get a professional mani/pedi
10. Buy a dress from Modcloth or Anthropologie or a similar store
11. One big surprise for Devin
12. One big surprise for Kayleigh
13. Try a food from a different culture
14. Participate in one 5k
15. Get 4 haircuts
16. Try one new recipe every month
17. Spend an afternoon baking with Kayleigh
18. Picnic on the beach
19. Complete some home decor items
20. Complete a first draft of a novel (oh snap!)
21. Have more Family Game Nights!
22. Go bowling as a family!
23. Buy a heart rate monitor
24. Say at least one nice thing about myself every day
25. Take an e-course from A Beautiful Mess
26. Create and maintain a sewing/craft blog
27. Buy a new sewing machine!

Hello World

Hello, hello!  My name is Michelle, yes I was named after a Beatles' song.  I know everyone goes through a stage where they hate their name, but I never went through that.  I love my name and I think it suits me perfectly (good job, Mom!) and I have always felt that way.  Probably because the Beatles are awesome.  I am more of a Rolling Stones fan, though (pics to come). 

Well, you probably guessed by the title of my little blog here that I love to sew and read.  Reading has been a lifelong passion of mine.  I started reading at a very young age.  I started reading the Little Babysitter's Club when I was in kindergarten.  I went from reading those books to Stephen King and when I got into 5th grade, I read my first classic literature book: Pride and Prejudice.  Which then started a book snobbery until I was a senior in high school.  I kind of refused to read any book that was not considered a classic. 

As for sewing, this a new passion of mine.  I started sewing in the summer of 2010. I have come a long way from then.  However, I want to improve on my craft.  I read a lot of sewing blogs (see side bar...yes, I know that there are a lot of blogs...DON'T JUDGE ME! <insert shameful sobbing here>) and I have always wanted to start my own blog.  Plus, creating and maintaining a craft blog is on my New Year's Resolution list.

So, this is me and I hope you like my sewing and whatnot!