Saturday, February 11, 2012

27 Before 27

So, I turned 26 this year.  My birthday is in January and I was going through some medical stuff at the time, so I pretty much just sat there for a couple weeks and only moved when absolutely necessary.  So, instead of doing my usual New Year's Resolutions that I make, I decided to make 27!  I don't know where I heard of this concept, but it may have been from A Beautiful Mess.

Apparently, people make resolutions and then don't meet them.  I found that out in the past month or so.  I always met at least one of my resolutions.  I think the reason why my resolutions tend to stick is because my birthday is January 7th, and people tend to take stock of their lives when it's around their birthday.  That may have something to do with it.

27 Before 27

1. go on 12 dates with Devin (my sweetie) (2 down!)
2. go to the Oakland zoo with Kayleigh
3. Read 20 books and at least one classic literature (3 down!)
4. Lose 20 pounds (I also have a weight watchers blog if you want to find me on there!)
5. Attend one group exercise class at the gym
6. Buy a bike
7. Enact the Martha Stewart cleaning regime
8. Participate in a Sew Weekly Challenge 
9. Get a professional mani/pedi
10. Buy a dress from Modcloth or Anthropologie or a similar store
11. One big surprise for Devin
12. One big surprise for Kayleigh
13. Try a food from a different culture
14. Participate in one 5k
15. Get 4 haircuts
16. Try one new recipe every month
17. Spend an afternoon baking with Kayleigh
18. Picnic on the beach
19. Complete some home decor items
20. Complete a first draft of a novel (oh snap!)
21. Have more Family Game Nights!
22. Go bowling as a family!
23. Buy a heart rate monitor
24. Say at least one nice thing about myself every day
25. Take an e-course from A Beautiful Mess
26. Create and maintain a sewing/craft blog
27. Buy a new sewing machine!

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