Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway!!

Yay!  I am FINALLY getting this up.  Oops.  So, I won a pattern pyramid giveaway from Aft Agley, and I was really excited!  When I got the package, it was laundry day and I was so good and I waited until the next day to open and take pictures (for the best light) and as you may have heard the pictures didn't turn out well!!  So, I retook the pictures last weekend and while they aren't the best pictures I have ever taken, I lost patience and I just want to put them up, because I am really excited!

Here they are in a super cute pouch that she made me!  I have already had some fights with my daughter for it.  Let me preface this by saying that she is 4 years old (which you probably already knew) and when she saw the inside of the pouch:
she asked if it was hers.  

"No, this is mine..." I said as I started looking through patterns.

 She looked at me like I was completely crazy, "but there are butterflies inside it..." 

"Yeah, I love butterflies"

<short pause>

"But you're a dolt" which I immediately took offense from, until I realized she meant "an adult"

"What?  Can adults not like butterflies?"

"No, because you're already growed and you can't turn into one..."

*le sigh* oh how I wish I could think like a four-year-old.  Anyways!  Here is the loot!

This is the one I decided to keep:
Seriously, view 4 melts my heart a little bit!  It looks like little petals on the neckline...I will definitely be making this up really soon.

I also took some closeups of the other patterns for your viewing pleasure!

So, I feel pretty guilty that it took me forever and a day to get these up, so of course I took a look through my newly acquired vintage stash (more on that later), and found just a couple more patterns to add to the loot ;)

Sorry there are so many pictures!  Hopefully everyone can see everything!  If you want, you can go to my flickr account and check out the pictures there.  I think if you click on the pictures, it will take you there.  

So, I am now officially announcing the start of the giveaway!  The only requirement to enter is that you have to have your own blog.  You keep one pattern and then hold a giveaway on your blog and pass the rest along!  I am so happy that Karen set this up and it really is a lot of fun!  The giveaway will close on September 28th at noon (PST) and the winner will be announced that day.  So leave a comment (making sure I have a way to get a hold of you)!


  1. HI Michelle - I am so glad you posted this ...I was beginning to wonder if I put the wrong address on the envelope. I love that you added new patterns (fabulous patterns I must say!). This is going to go on forever! I'm not interested in being added to the list of possible winners, but I did want to say how great an experience this contest is and wish everyone luck!

  2. Oh count me in! I've stitched some of those in my head already. I love the Simplicity dress & jacket especially.
    A dolt... I love that LOL

  3. Count me in too, please! I love that last Simplicity dress and jacket combo.

  4. Please count me in. This is such genius idea!!!

  5. Oh they look so nice. Would love to be counted in as well. I would fight you for that lovely pouch as well ;)

  6. I want to be in as well- and I also love that Simplicity dress and jacket....

  7. Cute patterns! What fun!

  8. Please count me in. All the patterns are lovely.......

  9. Gorgeous patterns, glad to take part!

  10. count me in please. I love these things!

  11. Ooh, count me. What a fab selection of patterns!

  12. Love to be part of this - thanks :)

  13. What a neat idea!!! I would love to be a part of this! My blog is I love the pantsuit!

  14. Loved chatting with you at the Colette party in Oakland! Your macaron is awesome, and I hope to make one of my own soon!

    1. I loved meeting you as well! I think the macaron would look great on you! I subscribed to your blog and I can't wait to see the clovers you make! Take the plunge! Don't be scared!

  15. What a great assortment of patterns! Please enter me.

    madebytrisha [at] gmail [dot] com

  16. what a fantastic giveaway, great patterns. I have a blog for over a year now and wonder how I lived before I discovered blogland.

  17. Please enter me :)