Sunday, April 15, 2012


So, I named this dress Zooey, because I think it looks a lot like something Zooey Deschanel would wear.  I definitely like Zooey Deschanel's style, so that's a good thing.

I used Simplicity 2588 for this dress.  My pattern review is here.

Okay, so I love this dress pattern, but I was originally drawn to the blue version on the cover with the lace and the sleeves.  However, after I saw this post on Sew Weekly, I had to knock off the mod cloth dress.  This project is one of the reasons why I love sewing.  So, I saw this dress before the Sew Weekly post and I really like it...BUT I wanted it in a different color!  Then I saw this post and decided I needed to make this dress!

pattern: $.99 ( I love Joann's!)
lining fabric: 2 1/2 yards purple cotton $4
dress fabric: 2 1/2 yards flower cotton $4
notions: Already had on hand!
Total: $8.99!

So, the only real alterations I did was my usual grading from a 16 to an 18 at the waist.  After I had a baby, my little pooch turned into a pooch!  So, I need a little extra room there. Also, I added the tie to the neckline.  My husband thinks that the tie is too long.  I like the length, however.  I think it makes it more dramatic.  The only thing I don't like about the tie is the it causes the neckline to gape a little. 

The instructions were easy.  Everything went together pretty well and I like the possible variations that you can do with this Project Runway pattern. 

What I learned:
I learned that I should wait for DH to come home and help me decide how much of the hem I should cut off.  I got impatient and chopped off two inches and that ended up being about an inch too much.  I had to sew hem tape to the bottom of the skirt and then flip it to the inside.  It's still a little, itsy, bitsy too short for my taste.  I feel more comfortable wearing this with tights or leggings.  However, unlike the brown, sparkly dress, I have worn this a bunch since I made it (February!)

Would I make it again?
Yeah, I would definitely make this again!  I don't know if I would make it with the tie again, because I don't think I need two of the same dress.  I already have some ideas planned out.  Like knocking off this dress:

Right?  Just a little red piping and do the version with sleeves and I have a near perfect knock off!

I like this picture!  I was pointing at my daughter who was trying to climb a tree.  She is only four and pretty short and she was trying to climb this ginormous tree.  It was pretty funny.  Don't worry she wasn't in any danger!

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  1. I LOVE all the purples in your dress! It works perfectly with those tights - well done!