Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcoming challenges!

So, yeah, I was supposed to post some pictures and I didn't.  I have a good reason, though!  Since my last post I have been sick THREE times!  Needless to say, there was not much sewing going on and not much blog time going on.  I plan on posting two projects up pretty soon, though.

So, what is a newly healthy girl/sewist to do with her free time now?  Sign up for copious amounts of challenges!  (Jeez, of course)  Anyways, the first challenge I signed up for is the Pattern Review Vintage challenge!  I desperately need tops...desperately!   I only have one or two tops right now due to a recent closet purge.  So, I had an easy pattern that didn't require any grading (a skill I still want to learn how to do) and it just so happened to be a shirt pattern.
I decided to make it in a blue/white floral print I have.  It's one of those sheer polyester fabrics.  I loved the idea of wearing a camisole under the sheer fabric for the summer.  Right now I am planning on doing view B with the cute little sleeves, but I don't know how good that lightweight fabric would look with the elastic running through the sleeves.  If I don't like it, I will just take the sleeves off and finish the armholes with bias tape like the Sorbetto top.

The second challenge I signed up for is the Pattern Review's RTW contest.  I was pretty unsure as to what dress I would knock off for this one.  It was between two dresses: 


I think I am leaning towards the second one.  The first would be really easy to knock off because of the Mccalls pattern 6024 and I feel like actually challenging myself and really going the extra mile.  I mean I am planning on knocking off BOTH dresses at some point, so I just need to figure out when I want to do each.

The third challenge I am signing up for is the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge from Elsie Marley.  I am pretty excited about this one because my daughter's birthday is May 2nd and the challenge ends right before that.  So, I can sew some clothes up as birthday presents, but I will mainly be focusing on American Girl doll clothes!  Because I bought her Emily for a birthday present!  I see matching outfits in my near future!

Also I am signing up for Did You Make That?'s Pyjama party!  I am going to make VERY unflattering PJ's for my and my daughter and if there is time for the doll as well.  Those two can count for the Kid's clothing week challenge above.

Last, but not least, I am also planning on joining in on the Colette Patterns Spring Palette challenge!  I probably wont get too much done for it during the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge, but it's an 8 week challenge, so I figure that I can do it after all of that.

Phew!  That's a lot of projects coming up!  I am tired just thinking about it!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to work on the vintage pattern contest right now!  That is due on Sunday!!

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