Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Still Alive!!

That's right, I am still alive!  I have not been sewing much due to life events, but I couldn't take it anymore and I busted out my credit card and bought some new fabric and a new sewing pattern, just in time for my 7 year old to go back to school! 

As soon as she spotted this fabric on my instagram feed, she told me that was what she wanted for her back to school dress. 

I argued with her and the collar fabric, I thought it would look best with a bright pink for the collar, but she was insistent on using the dark purple.  I only agreed because I thought I would be proven right later when I put everything together....except that I was proven wrong and the purple goes really well with the fabric.  We then had this conversation:

Me: Well, munchkin, I think you were right about the purple fabric, it looks really good with the cat fabric.

Kayleigh: Well, you should use this as a lesson.

Me: A lesson for what?

Kayleigh: I just hope that you learned to listen to me when it comes to fashion.  I AM a fashionista.

lol!  Well, lesson learned. 

The pattern I used was the Violette Field Threads Ginger Dress.  I have actually used their chloe pattern before, and I only really got one good picture of it so it is unblogged and will remain so because it no longer fits her lol.  That was a good pattern too, though (FYI).  I really love this pattern company.  I always get good results from them and I enjoy the process. 

I do have some...problems with the pattern, both are probably user error, though.  So, both problems revolve around the straps.  The seam allowance in this pattern is 1/2" and they have you place the straps 3/4" away from the side of the bodice.  So, when you sew in the lining, you will only have 1/4"  left on the upper edge of the bodice.  However, I have 3/8" on the upper edge and it bothers me.  That extra 1/8 of an inch makes it look like a mistake.  The second problem I have is that the straps don't sit well.  The sit best when tied around the neck as a halter neck, but I was going to do the criss cross back, but when I did that, the straps were all bunchy and REALLY didn't sit well. I think next time I will figure out what's going on there and probably even make the straps shorter. 

All-in-all, I do love this pattern, it was so easy to put together and I think it made a really cute dress.  Obviously, my little one loves it. 

I don't know how many more times she is going to make an appearance on my blog, because she is getting to the point where she doesn't want her picture taken any more.  :(  But, I do have plans to sew up the Haven Dress in a super cute unicorn fabric for her before she goes to school.  Next is the Colette Patterns Crepe Dress again, though.  I don't like to buy clothes, so since I haven't been sewing, I have been wearing out my clothes and not replenishing them!  I don't have any clothes and I need to start sewing more!!  Plus, I've convinced my sweetie to take me to L.A. for fabric shopping once I have cut my stash down a bit.

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