Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recent Fabric Acquisitions

Yeah, I bought a lot of this fabric right before I made my Hazel dress.  Two of these pieces of fabric have already been made into something.  This isn't all of it, either.  I made a couple big purchases from and when their cottons (re: voile) went on sale.  I only have pictures of these two pieces of fabric from that shopping binge.
Both of these are from at $2.99 a yard ($7.48 a piece)
Trust me, there is a lot more.  The green plaid has already been cut out and I am making the Colette Negroni pattern for my husband with both of these.  I really should finish the green one this week...anything to put off finishing my Macaron ;)

So, my husband and I surprised our three year old with a trip to Disneyland last month.  Since we were going to be in the area, my husband wanted to go to Orochan Ramen...which coincidentally is less than a mile from the garment district!  I had never been and I desperately wanted to check it out.  However, since we were going to Disneyland, I only had $60 for fabric buying.  I knew for sure I wanted to hit up Michael Levine and Michael Levine's Loft.  I went to the loft first, because I am cheap. :P  I saw that everything was $2.50 a pound, however I have a really bad sense of weight and as I was walking around I kept putting back some of the pieces.  When we finally went to check out, my husband told me that it was probably over $60, but that was okay.  But, it came out to $31.25 for 36.5 yards of fabric!!  That is $.88 a yard people!

First up is this Olefin, at least that's what the burn test told me.  I saw this and immediately thought "Shirtdress!" but, this picture is completely deceiving because those stripes actually run on the bias so instead of horizontal stripes, they are diagonal stripes.  I completely missed this in the store...but I still love it!  45" wide 3.5 yards $3.08 for the whole piece!

Next is this beautiful Cotton Challis!  My mother in law caught a glimpse of this and said, "This is so you!"  I am completely in love with this!  45" wide 3.25 yards $2.86 for the whole piece!

So, this is another Cotton Challis this is just beautiful and soft.  I already cut out S1880 for Sunni's sewalong.  Yeah, I completely spaced on that.  But, after sewing together the skirt, I realized that it may or may not be see through.  So, I need to get my husband to see if he can see my undies through it or not.  45" (I think) wide and 5.5 yards $4.84 for the whole piece!

My husband found this piece mixed in with 5 or so different leopard print pieces.  I grabbed this one, which I am fairly certain that it's an ITY knit.  It is really soft, a little on the heavy side, though.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  The colors are actually really warm browns.  It's so pretty.  When my mom saw this she rolled her eyes and asked me when I was going to grow out of the leopard print.  I used to collect leopard print and I have a strong affinity for anything leopard print. 60" wide 5.75 yards! $5.06 for the whole piece!!

This is another Challis, but this time it's Rayon.  This is the biggest piece I got that day.  This is super soft and silky feeling.  Seriously, I want to cut a piece of this and send it to everyone I know.  The colors on this fabric is actually a little bit darker than what's shown here.  54" wide 6.5 yards (!) which makes it $5.72 for the whole thing!

This is a beautiful piece of acrylic chiffon.  If I had known that it was an acrylic, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.  But, this is so soft and silky I could have sworn that it was silk, but I am still glad I got it.   I think it would make a really cute Chantilly! Honestly, for how light and airy this is, I bet this was practically free, but I didn't cheat ;) 60" wide 4 yards $3.52 for the softest, silkiest acrylic I will have find!

So, these last two pieces from the Loft are my favorite pieces of the, they are my favorite pieces in my stash!!  So, this one is more of a rich plum color n real life.  It is a beautiful swiss dot with large flowers on the border!  I already have a dress in mind for this: the Cambie!  Right??  Can't you see all those beautiful, delicate flowers around the hem of that dress?!?!  55" 3 yards making it $2.64 for the whole piece!!  I mean seriously, I would have paid $10 a yard for this, it's cotton (not poly blend) and it's just heavenly *le sigh*

This is my absolute favorite fabric EVER!  When I walked in, I saw a corner of this fabric sticking out and I snatched it up!  I felt a bit like a hypocrite, though, because my husband kept picking out black fabric and I kept saying, "I don't really like black fabric" while I was holding this huge piece of mostly black fabric.  I couldn't even understand why I liked this fabric so much.  I mean first it's black and second there are birds all over it.  I have a well known bird phobia, but I still love this fabric.  When I got home, though I found an interesting picture on my pinterest, though.
Yes, that is Kate Middleton in a black and white bird dress!  It wasn't even me who pinned it!!  It was someone I followed.  Yeah, so I quickly repinned that I plan on making a look-alike.  Maybe using S1880....I don't know...we'll see.  More than likely it will languish in my stash because I am too scared to cut it!!  55" wide 5 yards $4.40

So, that was all I got at the Loft.  I bet you guys are thinking, "THANK GOODNESS!"  I feel like an infomercial presenter because.................


Wait!  There's more! :P

I only spent 30 to 60 minutes at the loft and I only spent half of my allotted budget so I went to a bunch of different fabric stores, but I was really overwhelmed.  I am REALLY shy and having someone follow me around a little shop asking what I was looking for, how much I wanted to spend on something, what color I was looking for, etc, etc was just too much.  However, on a happy note, I did get hit on, some guy asked me for my phone number :P  I don't get that much since having a baby and getting married :P

Anyways, I went to L.A. Alex because I heard they had cheap notions, which is true.  I picked up four zippers (no picture) for $.75 each.  However, two of them are total crap.  I did find this nifty chalk fabric marking thing.  I have been using it exclusively ever since and I love it :) It is crazy awesome!

Then, I wandered through the fabric section and I picked up a couple cuts of fabric.

Brown gingham.  I already made this into another Hazel, but I used one of the zippers I bought from L.A. Alex and it wont zip up!! I have tried rubbing soap on it, but I still need to try a candle/wax.  I am pretty disappointed about it. 45" 3 yards $1.99/yard $6

My VERY last piece of fabric:
Cotton Twill.  This is really lovely!  It has a nice drape and a nice weight.  I want to make a Ginger.  I love Colette Patterns, can you tell??  Anyways, this was 60" wide 2 yards $2.99/yard $6

Anyways, that is all the fabric porn that I have today.  Now, I get to go on a walk with my husband and daughter.  Hooray for procrastination!!


  1. Ohhhh, it sounds like you really had fun! Great loot!

  2. Ohh I love that chalk marker too. Its pretty much the only one I use. Isn't it great how you can change out the color depending on the fbaric you have to make it more visible. That birdie fabric is to die for as well!