Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I need a hug :(

Yes, I am still alive and more importantly, I am still sewing.  I am working on my sewcolette dress right now. 

When I bought the pattern I threw the pattern into my purse and my husband and I went to the movies.  At the movies, I bought a gigantic bottle of water (I drink a lot of water).  When the movie ended (we saw Moonrise Kingdom, btw!), I took the rest of my bottle and put it in my purse and we drove home.  Well, during that time, my water bottle slowly leaked out, drenching everything in my purse, including my Macaron pattern!  Now, for all of the people this may happen to, do yourself a favor and buy a new pattern.  Don't be cheap like me!  I spent a good chunk of the evening slowly unfolding soaking wet pattern paper!  I laid everything out to dry and thought that was that.  However, I think the paper shrunk, because I am a size 10 with Colette and when I made the muslin for size 10, it was a size too small. 

But, I just finished my 5th muslin and I will be starting my last (and hopefully wearable!) muslin tomorrow.  I really hope that I can get my Macaron done this weekend.  I have three of them planned and I have the fabric for two of them.  So, maybe by this time next week I will have something more to show....cross your fingers!!

In the meantime, I need to stock back up on muslin fabric because I have officially depleted my resources!

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  1. Oh, how terrible! And the Macaron pattern is so nice.....