Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Yeah, the most unimaginative name for this dress because I named it after the designer who made the pattern!!

So, I joined the Summer Spark sew-a-long on Flickr.  You would know this if I actually posted about it, but I didn't.  Oh well, anyways, I was going to use Simplicity 1880 because I am in that sew-a-long as well.  But, I ended up not getting enough fabric for that pattern.  So, I did a last minute scramble and I finished Vogue 1190.

Pattern: $4 (sale at Joann's)
Fabric: $2
notions: already had on hand
Total: $6

Don't mind the look on my face, this is my "hurry up and take the picture" look!  I swear I will get better at being in front of the camera on day!!

If you recognize the fabric, it's because it is the same sheet I used on Betsy!  I love using vintage sheets!  I also used a random remnant of brown satin.  I am not exactly sure what I got it for originally, but I put it into this dress.

When I bought the pattern, I really wanted to make this dress up in a fancy satin, but I never found the right fabric.  So, when I couldn't finish Simplicity 1880, I looked through my patterns and settled on this vogue pattern and my beautiful vintage sheet.

I did a couple things differently in this pattern.  The most obvious (which really isn't all that obvious to begin with) is I kept the darts on the inside.  The pattern has you sew exposed darts, but I didn't really like the look.  I also used hem tape for the hem and I handstitched the hem.  I really like how that looks.

What I learned:
I learned that I don't have to stick with the recommended fabrics.  I can branch out and try different things, but I really need to think about drape.  The skirt is a little stiffer than the one the model is wearing in the photo.  I am happy with it and I prefer the slight a-line the cotton gives it, but I just need to remember that for other projects.

Will I make it again?
You know what?  I probably wont be making this again.  I kind of feel like a clown in this dress.  I am sure that a fabric with more drape would do better with the ruffles, but in this fabric, the ruffles stick out at weird angles.  I feel weird with all the ruffles sticking out at my boobies.  But, that's fine, I will wear the heck out of this dress, I just don't know if I want another one in my closet.

Don't mind my bangs...I just got a haircut and the lady really didn't listen to me when it came to my bangs :(
Also, I am visiting my parents this week and I brought a bunch of outfits that I needed to photograph for the blog.  So expect more posts this week :P

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